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"In general, I think chubby guys are sexy. There's more of them to hug!" Andrew French, Circles.
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June 19, 2010: I've launched a new version of this website as a Wordpress blog. This version won't be updated anymore.
If you don't see the images of a review, it means that I've transferred it to the new site.

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by June Kim
12 Days
by Justin Hall
A Sacred Text
by Rick Worley
A Waste of Time
by James Asal
Adam & Andy
by Joe Phillips
Adventures of a Joe Boy
by Lance Rund & Chris McKinley
Associated Student Bodies
by Gregory Lockard & Michael DiMotta
Beauty & the Beast
by Kiriko Nananan
by Chayne Avery & Russell Garcia
Boy Meets Hero
by Robert Kirby, Andy Hartzell, David Kelly, Leanne Franson, Michael Fahy & Various artists
Boy Trouble
by Samuel R. Delany & Mia Wolff
Bread & Wine
by Ralf König
Bull's Balls
by Elizabeth Watasin
Charm School
by Glen Hanson & Allan Neuwirth
Chelsea Boys
by David Rawson, Pat McGreal & Chas Truog
Chiaroscuro: the Private Lives of Leonardo da Vinci
by Andrew French, Steve Domanski & Scott Fabianek
by Robert Kirby
by Robert Kirby
Curbside Boys
by Daria McGrain & Various artists
by Peter Milligan & Duncan Fegredo
by Devin Grayson & Phil Jimenez
Flinch #7: 'Parade'
by Howard Cruse
From Headrack to Claude
by Alison Bechdel
Fun Home
by Daria McGrain, Richard Moore, Miu, Mike Vega, John Barrett
Genus Male
by David Shenton
Get Her!
by Gordon Spurlock
Gordon Spurlock's comics
by Dave Davenport, Justin Hall, BiL Sherman
Hard to Swallow
by Brad Rader
Harry and Dickless Tom
by Mark Barnard & Terrie Smith
Havoc Inc.
by Jeff Jacklin
Hearts & Iron
by Robert Rodi & Phil Jimenez
Heartthrobs #1: 'Genes and a T-shirt'
by Dennis Cooper & Keith Mayerson
Horror Hospital Unplugged
by Tristan Crane & Ted Naifeh
how loathsome
by Clive Barker & P. Craig Russell
Human Remains
by Adam Bourret
I'm Crazy
by Tom Bouden
In Bed with David & Jonathan
by Yayoi Neko
by Diane DiMassa, Robert Kirby, Ariel Schrag, Alison Bechdel, Howard Cruse, Leanne Franson, Michael Fahy, Jennifer Camper, Joan Hilty, Robert Triptow & Ivan Velez
Juicy Mother
by Alison Bechdel, Jennifer Camper, Howard Cruse, Diane DiMassa, Michael Fahy, Leanne Franson, Justin Hall, Joan Hilty, Victor E. Hodge, David Kelly, Robert Kirby, Lawrence Schimel, Ariel Schrag, Robert Triptow, Ivan Velez
Juicy Mother 2: How They Met
by Joey Alison Sayers
Just So You Know
by Greg Fox
Kyle's Bed & Breakfast
by Will Eisner
Last Day in Vietnam: 'A Purple Heart for George'
by René Capone
Legend of Hedgehog Boy
by Tim Barela
Leonard & Larry
by Leanne Franson
Liliane, Bi-Dyke
by Matt Fagan
by Tim Fish
Love is the reason
by Dale Lazarov & Amy Colburn
by Kris Dresen
Max & Lily
by Tom Bouden
Max & Sven
by Various artists
by Tim Fish
Meet Me in Saint Louie
by Jörg Meyer-Bothling
Micki: Sighs in the Desert
by Maurice Vellekoop
Mind Riot: 'Out at the movies'
by Lindsay Pollock & Tom Brass
by Liz Baillie
My Brain Hurts Vol. 1
by Robert Triptow
Naughty Bits #40: 'Matrimony, Teddy Bear Style'
by Dale Lazarov & Bastian Jonsson
by Mia Paluzzi & Chrissy Delk
Paintings of You
by Andi Watson, Simon Gane
by Patrick Fillion
Patrick Fillion's comics
by Judd Winick
Pedro and Me
by Dylan Edwards
Politically InQueerect
by Nicolas Presl
by Tommy Roddy & Brian Ponce
Pride High
by Howard Stangroom & Stephen Lowther
Prime Cuts
by Alan Moore & José Villarrubia
Promethea #7
by Tony Smith, Brian Brinlee, Agata Laguniak, Filipe Goncalves, Henry Kujawa, Rick Withers, Nicholas Eliopoulos, Steve MacIsaac
by Tom Bouden
by Rica Takashima
Rica `tte Kanji!?
by Ralf König
Roy & Al
by Jennifer Camper
Rude Girls and Dangerous Women
by Matt Runkle
Runx Tales #1
by David Wojnarowicz & James Romberger
Seven Miles a Second
by Daria McGrain & Miu
Sexual Espionage
by Steve MacIsaac
by Mioki
Side by Side
by Mariko Tamaki, Jillian Tamaki
by Brian Andersen
So Super Duper
by Martin Eden
by Chris McKinley
Spooo presents #1: Coyote River
by Rivkah
Steady Beat
by David Kelly
Steven's Comics
by Dale Lazarov & Steve MacIsaac
by Howard Cruse
Stuck Rubber Baby
by Jennifer Camper
by Gina Kamentsky
by Dennis Tucker
Tales from Birdbun Theatre
by Jay Laird
Tales from the Burning Village
by Joe Phillips
Tales from the House of Morecock Vol. 1
by Ivan Velez
Tales of the closet volume 1
by Howard Cruse, Robert Kirby, Victor E. Hodge, Dave Ortega, David Kelly, Jon Macy, Andy Hartzell, Ed Luce, Bill Roundy, Abby Denson, Tim Fish, Sina Shamsavari, Michael Fahy, Justin Hall, Craig Bostick, Brett Hopkins, Jennifer Camper, Nick Leonard, Steve MacIsaac, Robert Triptow
The Book of Boy Trouble Volume 2
by Tim Fish
The Cavalcade of Boys
by Donna Barr
The Desert Peach
by Blotch
The Dog's Days of Summer
by Jai Sen, Seijuro Mizu, Umeka Asayuki & Shino Yutsomoto
The Golden Vine
by Tom Bouden
The Importance of being Earnest
by Ralf König
The Killer Condom
by Craig McKenney & Gervasio
The Magic If
by Charles Christensen, Mark Brill
The Mark of Aeacus
by Tom of Finland
Tom of Finland: The Comic Collection
by Abby Denson
Tough Love
by Rahne Alexander
by Michael Derry
Troy From 1 to 100
by Brad Rader
True Adult Fantasy
by Justin Hall
True Travel Tales #1: 'Oh, Mighty Isis!'
by Justin Hall
True Travel Tales #2: 'A Final Goodbye'
by Tim Fish
by Gary Gregerson, Colter Jacobsen, Steve MacIsaac, Glen Hanson, Allan Neuwirth, Patrick
by Devin Grayson, Sean Phillips & John Bolton
by Lawrence Schimel & Sebas
Vacation in Ibiza
by BiL Sherman
Wanky Comics
by Howard Cruse
Wendel All Together
by Shair & Eric Shanower
Within Our Reach: 'Home for Christmas'
by Theo Bain, Craig Bostick, Paige Braddock, Howard Cruse, Kyle Cummings, Decker, Lynx Delirium, Adam DeKracker, Abby Denson, Michael DiMotta, Tim Fish, Monica Gallagher, Jim Gladstone, Phil Good, Ariel Guzman, Justin Hall, Brett Hopkins, Nate and Mike K, David Kelly, Randall Kirby, Robert Kirby, Jeff Krell, Jay Laird, Jack Lawrence, Adam Leveille, Gregory Lockard, Fabián Álvarez López, Ted Manning, Rachel Millar, Noel Miciano, Frank Muse, Dave Ortega, François Peneaud, Bill Roundy, Tim Piotrowski, Dave Roman, Richard Ruane, Stephen Sadowski, Martin Schneebalg, Melody Nadia Shickley, Andy Swist, Jen Van Meter, Steven Walters, Roger Zanni
Young Bottoms in Love
by Tim Fish
Young Bottoms in Love: My Gay Romance
by Brett Hopkins, Jay Laird & Richard Ruane
Young Bottoms in Love: Spotlight on Brett Hopkins
by Brett Hopkins, Richard Ruane, François Peneaud, Nate and Mike K
Young Bottoms in Love: Sweet Dreams
by Tim Fish, Jay Laird, Decker & Jim Gladstone
Young Bottoms in Love: Uppers & Downers
by Rica Takashima & Various artists
Yuri Monogatari
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