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June 19, 2010: I've launched a new version of this website as a Wordpress blog. This version won't be updated anymore.
If you don't see the images of a review, it means that I've transferred it to the new site.

Hello, everybody.

July 24, 2002.


Welcome to the second Gay Comics List newsletter.

I'm sorry I didn't send a newsletter in June, but what with the end of the school year and various other occupations, I just didn't find the time to write new reviews that month. But I'm back.

I've started a blog. I don't intend to use it to tell you about my personal life, but rather to write about anything I might think of interest to people who come to my site. Books, comics, various news... Comments are welcome, as usual.

François Peneaud


Well, here are the news for June & July 2002:

A collection of short stories by P. Craig Russell will be published in few months by Dark Horse. As far as I know, there won't be any specifically gay-themed stories, but it's little-known works by Russell, so that's good enough for me. Speaking of Russell, his adaptation of Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries is very, very homoerotic. See a couple of scans here.

New comics published:

  • A collection of the first seven issues of the delicious The Desert Peach. See my review.

New reviews:

The Desert Peach, by Donna Barr.
Wendel All Together, by Howard Cruse.
Bread & Wine, by Samuel R. Delany and Mia Wolff.

New Gallery pictures:

  • Algésiras has drawn a picture of two of her characters just for this site. Have a look.
  • Two new drawings by Jaki, from her website.

And I've added a few links, too.


And that's all, folks.
See you next month (I hope).

F. P.

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