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"Why is it loss that makes me human?" Clive Barker, Human Remains.
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June 19, 2010: I've launched a new version of this website as a Wordpress blog. This version won't be updated anymore.
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Hello, everybody.

February 28, 2003.


Welcome to the fifth Gay Comics List newsletter.

Gays are still being imprisoned in Egypt, Belgian parliament has passed a law for gay marriage, and the first review of a comic by a trangender artist has been added to the Gay Comics List.
Oh, and six reviews of erotic comics have also been added. There should be something for everyone there (or at least, something for everyone who's a gay guy. Or a straight woman into gay sex pictures. Which seems to be a lot of people...).

I guess the big news should be the beginning of the first mainstream comic series with a gay main character, the already much maligned Rawhide Kid from Marvel, by Ron Zimmerman and John Severin. I quite liked the first issue, but I'll wait until I've read the entire mini-series to write something about it.
To be honest, I'm far more excited about Tim Fish publishing the second issue of The Cavalcade of Boys, and Justin Hall, author of A Sacred Text, beginning a series of true-to-life stories entitled True Travel Tales (more about that in a forthcoming review).

Don't forget to visit PopImage for the continuation of the daily series Young Bottoms in Love. Tim Fish and his friends are obviously still having fun.

François Peneaud


New reviews:

Wanky Comics, by BiL Sherman.
Sexual Espionage, by Daria McGrain.
Gordon Spurlock's comics.
Patrick Fillion's comics.
Genus Male, by Daria Mc Grain & Friends.
Meatmen, by various artists.
T-Gina, by Gina Kamentsky.

New Gallery pictures:

  • Since the gallery can now be sorted by date, just go there and you'll see the new pictures.

And as usual, I've added a few links, too.


And that's all, folks.
See you next time.

F. P.

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