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Cover by Baron Engel.

Associated Student Bodies

An 8 issue mini-series published by Lance Rund, 1998-2000.
A hardcover collection has been published in 2004.

Category: anthropomorphised animals, coming-out, slice-of-life.

Author(s): Lance Rund, Chris McKinley.

The whole cast, from issue # 1.

What do you get when you cross furry animals comics with gay characters? A really good series about the life of a group of university students, most of them gay.
The main character, Daniel, is a freshman who's not out yet when the series begins, as he arrives at the university. But with the other guys (well, when I say "guys", maybe I should say "lions", "wolves"...) whose dorm he's going to share, his coming out is only a question of time.

This series is an interesting combination of fantasy - the furry animals, the whole-gay dorm - and realism - most of the situations the characters find themselves in. In the course of theseries, which lasts for a whole university year, we follow the development of Daniel, who goes from a teenager to a young man, makes choices about his life, and finds friends and lovers among the other young men.

The art also evolves greatly over the 8 issues. McKinley was a college student when he began drawing ASB, and he improved on a lot of aspects, including face expression and body language.

This is a series that'd deserve to be collected in a good-looking paperback and sold everywhere. For now, you'll have to content yourselves with the comics... and the erotic portfolios drawn by McKinley and other artists, which you can also find at the Rabbit Valley site.

Daniel and his lover, from issue # 7.
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