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First issue cover


A three-issue mini-series of two-color comics, Eros Comix, 2004-2005.
More about issue #2 and #3, and the 2006 collection published by Bruno Gmünder.

Category: erotica, slice-of-life.

Author(s): Dale Lazarov, Steve MacIsaac.
A page

Eros Comix, famed purveyor of (mostly) straight smut, has begun publishing a new gay series by Dale Lazarov and artist Steve MacIsaac.
Far from the more kinky stuff of the publisher, the first issue of this series is simply the tale of an encounter between two guys and the sex that ensues.
What sets it aparts from a lot of porn comics is the level of art. Steve MacIsaac's storytelling and line art are solid and realistic, and the men, although quite buff, look human, if you see what I mean.
I also liked very much the shades of blue used throughout the comic. It doesn't look cheap at all, but rather sober. It suits the rythm of the comic, and all the nice little gestures shown. Those guys enjoy what they're doing, they don't need violence to get a hard-on.
And you definitely understand the title of the series by the end of the comic...

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