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First issue of a pocket-sized American manga, Bang! Comics, 2005.
New, extended 2008 edition: Buy from Amazon.

Category: fantasy.

Author(s): Yayoi Neko.

Lenniel and Judas

After a short introduction in Dangerous #2, author Yayoi Neko (a pseudonym for a female Western creator) is back with the whole story behind the weird wet dreams of the human character.

Judas is a young student who's in love with his handsome professor, but he's never told the slightly older guy anything about it. He also dreams every night of a man-shaped demon, an incubus (from the latin meaning 'to lie down on', which I guess means that demon is a natural top), who has sex with him and professes his love to the man. And then, one day, Lenniel the incubus appears in real life. Judas's life takes a very strange turn when the incubus tells him they used to be lovers, but Judas forgot, for reasons still mysterious. That, and another, more powerful demon is chasing after Judas, for the love of his sick human lover. Oh, what a tangled web love weaves, if you allow me to shamelessly steal from that boy-loving bard.

The first volume of Incubus doesn't look at all like amateur work, contrary to the story in Dangerous. The author has clearly made a lot of progress: the layouts are easily readable (the book is done in right-to-left format), the line art is clear and the characters well designed.

To be honest, I wasn't expecting much more than an excuse for man-on-man sex when I began reading this book. But I was quickly set straight on that point (right, no pun intended) by the way the story develops: Lenniel might look like a dangerous demon, but he's so in love with Judas he's willing to sacrifice his life to protect him, and while he does want sex, there's a deeper connection between the two males. The fact that the 'bad guy' who's threatening Judas is doing it out of love is also a nice blurring of morals.
In fact, I found funny that the only real sex scene is not between the two main characters, which I guess can be called delayed gratification.

I hope we'll soon get to read the second volume of Incubus, which the author is already working on. That cliffhanger at the end of the first book is a nice way to ensure readers will come back begging for more.

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