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"These are creatures who have taken the biology out of sex." Peter Milligan, Enigma.
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A self-published small-sized comic, 2003-.

Category: fantasy, transgender.

Author(s): Rahne Alexander.

Missy and her doctor

Subtitled "The story of a trannygirl who goes to the store for hormones and returns a monster", this amateur comic is definitely one of the most bizarre I've ever seen.
It begins with Missy, the transgender title character, who finds her herself short of oestrogen and goes to her doctor, a monocle-wearing big blond transgender who refuses to give her more until she stops smoking and begins to look more like a "proper" girl... and then it gets seriously weird.
The rest of the story involves a black market seller of various hormones and drugs, a scientist who's working on salamander extracts, and a mix-up of said extract with the desired oestrogen. The result being a kind of transgender human-sized, fire-breathing godzilla.

While Rahne Alexander's art leaves room for improvement, her imagination and feminist asides cannot be faulted. She manages to say a lot of thoughtfuls things about our society while wearing the garb of fantasy. And someone who calls her flat "Vaclav hovels" has a really clever sense of humor.
I'm sure her sequential storytelling skills will get better with the next instalments of her comic. In the meantime, go and read the first episode online, and support her unusual creativity by buying a paper copy of her brainchild. That will save us all from the fiery wrath of Tranzilla.

Tranzilla roars!
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