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"These are creatures who have taken the biology out of sex." Peter Milligan, Enigma.
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June 19, 2010: I've launched a new version of this website as a Wordpress blog. This version won't be updated anymore.
If you don't see the images of a review, it means that I've transferred it to the new site.

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  • Sexile, by Jaime Cortez.
  • The Book of Boy Trouble, by Robert Kirby, David Kelly, Michael Fahy, Craig Bostick, Tony Arena, Jaime Cortez, Justin Hall, Andy Hartzell, Brett Hopkins, Sina, Steve MacIsaac.
  • Unsafe for All Ages 2005, by Justin Hall, Erika Moen, Chuck McKinney, Leanne Franson, Randall Kirby, Dave Davenport, Page Braddock, Patrick Fillion, Robert Kirby, Dale Lazarov & Steve MacIsaac, Chris Companik, Erik Orner.
  • French gay BD (1), by Hugues Barthe, Copi, Cunéo, Annie Goetzinger, Jean-Paul Jennequin, Fabrice Neaud & Tito.
  • French gay BD (3): Hugues Barthe, by Hugues Barthe.
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