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Self-published forty-page mini-comics, 2003-.
More about issue #2#3 and #4.
A book collection has been published.

Category: slice-of-life.

Author(s): Matt Fagan.

Jack & Pokie in love

With the sweetly-titled Love, Matt Fagan might just have created another strip about two guys in love, but he did far more than that: he offered us a portrayal of two people who would be equally not at home among the gay trendy set as among their straight counterparts.
The bearded, hairy Jack and the punkish Pokie might not have good jobs (and sometimes, not any job at all), nor muscled physiques, but they have their quirks and they have each other, which, among other things, gives them that elusive quality every creator tries to impart to his characters, that warmth even some 'real' people unfortunately lack.

As for the art, it might not be as accomplished as the writing, but the storytelling is varied and the way the bodies of the characters are drawn is proof that Matt Fagan doesn't try to draw pretty pictures, but rather fills the page with solid, earthy people.

Most strips concern themselves with Jack and Pokie's relationship, but some also include homeless men, flights of fancy, and a few pointed social commentaries. This strip is not overtly political, but it definitely knows where its heart is.

Let's hope that Love will last long enough to allow us to see Jack and Pokie grow old together, seemingly unfazed by a cold world which their affection toward each other makes somehow bearable.

Jack & Pokie being all geeky
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