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Micki: Sighs in the Desert

An 80-page graphic novel, Bruno Gmünder, 2007.
A second book is available.
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Category: erotica, humor.

Author(s): Jörg Meyer-Bothling.

Micki enters the stage
This is completely bonkers. No, really. First-time author Jörg Meyer-Bothling obviously has a knack for oddball, screwy comedy: when a young German rallye driver manages to crash his car against a lone palm tree in the African desert, he finds himself falling for various men encountered here and there: a Tuareg, a French pilot and his African lover, a king of a lost city who's looking for a lucky charm...Micki (named that way by the Tuareg because he wears Mickey Mouse ears) is the kind of ingénu who tends to not only easily lose his clothes, but, indeed, not wear any at all.
While sex scenes are explicit, this book doesn't feel like modern porn, rather like something out of more innocent times, mainly because of the atmosphere and storytelling of the book, which is full of whimsy. I found myself being utterly charmed by Meyer-Bothling's work, not because of the plot, which is paper-thin, but thanks to the voice-over making wry comments (not in captions, but in speech balloons coming from out of the frames, a device adding to the fairytale-like ambiance), the page layouts which give the whole thing the impression of a light, happy dream, and the main character, who's got a naďve smile stuck on his face.
The art seems simple, but brings a lot of energy and vitality. Everything is bigger than life, and brighter too. Meyer-Bothling's characters all look muscled and beefy, and seem to enjoy very much what they're doing.
No angst, no violence here. Just light, fun sex, and improbably happenings. Who could resist that?
Micki, the French pilot, and his lover
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