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"Rage may be one of the only things that connect me to you, to our preinvented world." David Wojnarowicz, Seven Miles a Second.
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Politically InQueerect

A self-published magazine-sized collection of strips, 2003.
Dylan Edwards has also published Enderstated, a small-sized collection of other strips. As funny as PIQ.
Second issue published in 2006.

Category: humor.

Author(s): Dylan Edwards.
The cover for Enderstated
From the first strip

In this first issue of Politically InQueerect, Dylan Edwards invites us to laugh at the liberal antics of Archie the guppie, who seduces his dear Todd with talks of budget cuts and business management...
After the years of politically conscious gay guys in Wendel, after Leonard & Larry's family days, after Tim Fish's lonely hearts club, what else could come our way but... gay republicans (and proud of it)?

Collecting the nine one-page strips available on his website and an all-new 8-page story, this festival of sweet love among the young and affluent will make you deliciously ashamed of having laughed. I mean, how funny can be a heartless bastard who runs his department like a drill sergent? Thanks to Dylan Edwards... a lot.
It must be said that the sole redeeming feature of these two characters might be the love they have for each other, which engages the reader despite their haughty social views.

Another pleasure of this small collection is the development of the art. It was a bit stiff in the first strips, but the new story is full of solid, believable body language and varied facial expressions, as well as effective storytelling.

I think Dylan Edwards has had a very original, albeit scary, idea with this strip. I only wonder whether real-life Republican gays find all this very funny... but if they don't, I guess that only shows Edwards is right in lampooning them.

From the 8-page story
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