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First issue cover

So Super Duper

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First issue of a self-published comic, 2007.

Category: fantasy, humor.

Author(s): Brian Andersen.

Psyche doing his thing (full page in link)

Brian Andersen's new comic is yet another proof that there are interesting things to be done in the super-hero genre for indy creators, despite Marvel and (especially, in my opinion) DC's often tired attempts at revitalizing their characters. So Super Duper takes a very different road from the recently-launched Pride High. Humour is at the heart of this series, which showcases Psyche, a young, lithe and completely overwhelmed empath who's been invited by the muscle-bound and well-named Captain Idol to join the elitist Amazin'Naughts, to the astonishment of all his team-mates.
Psyche is, shall we say, not very manly, tends to get excited and scream easily, throws his hands in the air at the first opportunity, and is so funny in his campy way that I had a big smile on my face the whole time I was reading this comic. That being said, when we laugh, it's with the character, not against him: this is not an attack on queeny guys.
The first issue is mostly an introductory story, where we meet the characters, see Psyche in and out of costume (he's as clueless in civilian attire as in his super-hero garb), and quickly understand that everybody but him is convinced he's gay. Flaming, I-wish-I-was-Wonder-Woman, totally gay.
Andersen's art might not be on a par with, say, Phil Jimenez's, but that doesn't mean it's not enjoyable, on the contrary. There's a lot of well-done body language, expressive faces, and rather over-the-top gaudy costumes.
In a word, So Super Duper is a lot of fun, with a main character whose energy and joie-de-vivre are completely infectious.

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