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Spooo presents #1: Coyote River

Coyote River is one of the ongoing series running in the anthology Spooo presents, Rabco, 2005-.
Review of the second part here.

Category: anthropomorphised animals, erotica.

Author(s): Chris McKinley.

Zack making fun of Charles

Chris McKinley was the artist of the very good gay furry mini-series Associated Student Bodies, and he's back for a completely new series, Coyote River, which takes the entirety of the first issue of the new anthology Spooo.
Set in the real world (or a furry version of it, to be more precise), this first episode of Coyote River is the story of Charles and Zack, two very different men who meet in an unusual place: a ranch for tourists. Charles is a young man who works hard in an office and gets as a reward an all-paid week at Coyote River. Charles isn't very enthusiastic at the idea of spending time in a dude ranch, but since it's free... When he arrives, he's greeted by Zack, an older guy who works there. Zack quickly begins to hang around Charles, who takes his time to warm to the atmosphere of the place... and to Zack.

Chris McKinley is in top form, his characters easily come alive and their body language is obviously important to him. As with Associated Student Bodies, the thrust of the story is the relationship between the characters, and the explicit sex is a consequence of that, not the raison d'être of the comic.
With engaging characters, an unusual setting for a gay story and some pretty hot sex scenes, Coyote River is a great comeback for McKinley - the fact that this episode has a real ending is a plus, since we really don't know when we'll get another episode. I hope he'll find time to write and draw more stories in this series.

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