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Love and loss

Young Bottoms in Love: Uppers & Downers

A 20-page, all color one-shot published by Tim Fish, 2004.

Category: slice-of-life, humor.

Author(s): Tim Fish, Jay Laird, Decker, Jim Gladstone.

Great colors, innit?

After the Brett Hopkins collection, this is the second collection from the online gay comics anthology Young Bottoms in Love, launched by Tim Fish.

All drawn by Tim Fish, who's joined by three different writers, those stories show the range of his style, and it seems he had fun changing his line art for each story. The colors by Jay Laird are also very varied, from monochromatic panels to "classic" mainstream colors.

While all the characters are teenagers or twenty-somethings, and all the stories are mostly played-straight -no pun intended- tales of budding loves and tricks who aren't what they seem (the main items of the anthology), it doesn't feel like we're reading the same story, but rather riffs on the eternal game of sex and attraction. Which is something Tim Fish and his YBIL collaborators have been doing quite well for some time, now.
Tim Fish has also published a third collection from YBIL, this time of his less-than-serious strips.

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