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So Kitsch it's Modern

Young Bottoms in Love: My Gay Romance

A 20-page, all color one-shot published by Tim Fish, 2004.

Category: slice-of-life, humor.

Author(s): Tim Fish.

Love among the well-to-do

After the first collection of his Young Bottoms in Love strips, Tim Fish returns with a Fish-written and Fish-drawn collection of four stories, done in the genre which inspired the whole YBIL concept... the (obviously, straight) romance comic of yesteryear.

Those four gay equivalents are not, as one could have expected, mere parody. They actually respect the genre, but subvert it by exposing its trappings and inherent absurdity with their all-male casting.
The characters cry a lot, behave very badly toward one another, and generally make a mess of their sentimental life. Which, of course, is far funnier than a sappy, happy ending.

Jay Laird and Brett Hopkins, the colorists, also had fun recreating the dotted colors of the classic comics, thus enhancing this gaudy revival of a genre unfortunately abandoned long ago by western comics.

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