Review: Bulldogs #1

Artist(s): Chas Hunter, Dale Lazarov, Si Arden.

Some people might think that “silent gay porn” is a gimmick that has run its course. Some people might think that, but writer Dale Lazarov certainly doesn’t agree with them. Case in point, the first of his all-digital wordless, erotic comics: Bullodgs #1.

Drawn by Chas Hunter (cover and layouts) and Si Arden (line art and colors), this 24-page comic entitled “Caber Tossers” follows a day in the life of three very burly men taking part in a caber toss competition (where it looks like Lex Luthor is one of the judges, but that’s probably just my imagination). Large, hairy men fond of manipulating long, hard pieces of wood… The jokes write themselves, I guess, and I don’t doubt Dale Lazarov was giggling like a schoolgirl looking at a barechest teen idol when he decided to set a sex scene among those men.

The three-cocked monster

Having a trio instead of a couple gives of course a lot more possibilities for the writer and the artists, and that’s a strong part of the appeal of the comic. There are some beautifully-staged panels, such as a cocksucking circle that reminded me of a Manx triskelion or a “let’s all come together” panel that looks like a layout from a classical painting (I’m not going to show you the climax of the comic).

Si Arden is an artist who comes from the fashion industry, so it’s no surprise that the clothes are fully-realized and that there’s a lot of attention given to details. There’s even a bit too much shading in the colors for my taste, but it does bring a realistic patina to the art.

With this comic, you get pages and pages of permutations of positions between three hot, manly guys who enjoy themselves and each other. Dale Lazarov has hit on another good idea for a gay sex comic, and I think there are a lot of less well-known sports that could play a role as settings for his comics. Though given that this particular series is titled “Bullodgs”, it will more likely showcase sumo wrestlers than swimmers.

This DRM-free, pdf comic can be found on the writer’s website, as can be found digital editions of some of his print comics.

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