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Review: Zack: The Art

Artist(s): Oliver Frey/Zack.

An overview of Oliver Frey’s work as an illustrator.

Review: Quaintance

Artist(s): George Quaintance.

An impressive monograph on the 40s and 50s gay artist.

Review: The Joe Boy Sketchbook

Artist(s): Joe Phillips.

A collection of sketches by the too rare Joe Phillips.

Review: Just So Horny

Artist(s): Michael Kirwan.

A collection of erotic art full of men-next-door enjoying themselves.

Review: Burly #1

Artist(s): Jeremy Owen.

A collection of bear-themed illustrations.

Completely Stripped

A compilation of the first two Stripped anthologies.

Review: Le Croisic & Dirty Drawings

Artist(s): Justin Hall.

Two mini-comics by Justin Hall.

Review: Peter Flinsch: The Body in Question

Artist(s): Peter Flinsch.

A monograph of the German-Canadian artist.

Review: Stripped: Uncensored

Artist(s): Carlos García, HvH, Joe Phillips, Michael Breyette, Mioki, P239, Xavier Gicquel.

A new collection of gay art by dozens of artists.

Review: Brush and Camera

Artist(s): Douglas Simonson.

A collection of Douglas Simonson’s art, shown alongside the photographs that inspired it.