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Review: Homobody

Artist(s): Rio Safari, Robert Kirby.

A series of queer fanzines.

Review: Peter Flinsch: The Body in Question

Artist(s): Peter Flinsch.

A monograph of the German-Canadian artist.

Review: Hard to Swallow #3-4

Artist(s): Brad Rader, Dave Davenport, Drub, Justin Hall.

Two issues of the anthology that goes from true stories to werewolf fantasy, with pirates inbetween.

Review: The Dog’s Days of Summer

Artist(s): Blotch.

A beautiful furry graphic novel set on a summer beach.

Review: Myth #1

Artist(s): Sean-Z.

A collection of the webcomic by Sean-Z.

Review: Pride High #6-7

Artist(s): Pat Pungpee, Robert Rivera, Tommy Roddy.

Two more issues of the story of a gay-straight alliance at a high school for super-powered teens.

Review: Love is the Reason

Artist(s): Tim Fish.

The new Cavalcade of Boys collection by Tim Fish, with some all-new characters.

Review: Frater Mine #6-7

Artist(s): Juan Romera, Sean McGrath.

Two new issues of the gay-inclusive series about magic in the real world.

Review: So Super Duper #6

Artist(s): Brian Andersen, Jon Macy, Tony Smith.

Sixth issue of the delicious superhero series.

Review: Shirtlifter #3

Artist(s): Fuzzbelly, Justin Hall, Steve MacIsaac.

MacIsaac begins a serialized story, while two guest artists join him for this third issue.