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Review: No Straight Lines

Artist(s): Alison Bechdel, Allan Neuwirth, Andy Hartzell, Annie Murphy, Ariel Guzman, Ariel Schrag, BiL Sherman, Craig Bostick, Craig McKenney, David Kelly, David Shenton, David Wojnarowicz, Diane DiMassa, Dylan Edwards, Ed Luce, Edie Fake, Ellen Forney, Eric Orner, Eric Shanower, Fabrice Neaud, François Peneaud, Gina Kamentsky, Glen Hanson, Howard Cruse, Ivan Velez, Jaime Cortez, James Romberger, Jeff Krell, Jennifer Camper, Joan Hilty, Joey Alison Sayers, Jon Macy, Justin Hall, Kris Dresen, Lawrence Schimel, Leanne Franson, Maurice Vellekoop, Michael Fahy, Nazario, Paige Braddock, Ralf König, Rick Worley, Robert Kirby, Robert Triptow, Roger Zanni, Sean, Sina Shamsavari, Steve MacIsaac, Ted Naifeh, Tim Barela, Tim Fish, Tom Bouden, Tristan Crane.

An impressive anthology of 40 years of queer comics.

Review: Shirtlifter #4

Artist(s): Ilya, Justin Hall, Steve MacIsaac.

The continuation of Steve MacIsaac’s rumination on love and sex.

Review: Glamazonia

Artist(s): Craig Bostick, Dave Davenport, Ed Luce, Eric Orner, Jon Macy, Justin Hall, Steve MacIsaac.

Justin Hall’s new collection of very fun stories about a superheroine like no other.

Review: Le Croisic & Dirty Drawings

Artist(s): Justin Hall.

Two mini-comics by Justin Hall.

Review: Hard to Swallow #3-4

Artist(s): Brad Rader, Dave Davenport, Drub, Justin Hall.

Two issues of the anthology that goes from true stories to werewolf fantasy, with pirates inbetween.

Review: Shirtlifter #3

Artist(s): Fuzzbelly, Justin Hall, Steve MacIsaac.

MacIsaac begins a serialized story, while two guest artists join him for this third issue.

Review: The Book of Boy Trouble Volume 2

Artist(s): Abby Denson, Andy Hartzell, Bill Roundy, Brett Hopkins, Craig Bostick, Dave Ortega, David Kelly, Ed Luce, Howard Cruse, Jennifer Camper, Jon Macy, Justin Hall, Michael Fahy, Nick Leonard, Robert Kirby, Robert Triptow, Sina Shamsavari, Steve MacIsaac, Tim Fish, Victor E. Hodge.

An all-new collection of queer comics.

Review: Juicy Mother 2: How They Met

Artist(s): Alison Bechdel, Ariel Schrag, David Kelly, Diane DiMassa, Howard Cruse, Ivan Velez, Jennifer Camper, Joan Hilty, Justin Hall, Lawrence Schimel, Leanne Franson, Michael Fahy, Robert Kirby, Robert Triptow.

A second volume of the excellent all-queer anthology.

Review: Young Bottoms in Love

Artist(s): Abby Denson, Adam DeKracker, Adam Leveille, Andy Swist, Ariel Guzman, Bill Roundy, Brett Hopkins, Craig Bostick, Dave Ortega, Dave Roman, David Kelly, Decker, Fabián Álvarez López, Frank Muse, François Peneaud, Gregory Lockard, Howard Cruse, Jack Lawrence, Jay Laird, Jeff Krell, Jen Van Meter, Jim Gladstone, Justin Hall, Kyle Cummings, Lynx Delirium, Martin Schneebalg, Melody Nadia Shickley, Michael DiMotta, Monica Gallagher, Nate and Mike K., Noel Miciano, Paige Braddock, Phil Good, Rachel Millar, Randall Kirby, Richard Ruane, Robert Kirby, Roger Zanni, Stephen Sadowski, Steven Walters, Ted Manning, Theo Bain, Tim Fish, Tim Piotrowski.

A big collection of the online anthology.

Review: Hard to Swallow #2

Artist(s): Dave Davenport, Justin Hall, Steve MacIsaac.

Second issue of the comics with pirates and real-life erotic encounters.