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Review: Second Avenue Caper

Artist(s): Joyce Brabner, Mark Zingarelli.

A documentary about the early days of the AIDS epidemic.

Review: Politically InQueerect: Old Ghosts and Other Stories

Artist(s): Dylan Edwards.

Young gay Republicans, ghost in old mansions and classic strips. What’s not to like?

Review: Drama

Artist(s): Raina Telgemeier.

An all-ages, very gay-inclusive story.

Review: The Lengths

Artist(s): Howard Hardiman.

The complete collection of the comic about the life of a hustler.

Review: Anything that loves

Artist(s): Bill Roundy, Ellen Forney, Leanne Franson, Leia Weathington, Maurice Vellekoop, Randall Kirby, Steve Orlando.

An anthology of stories by bisexual cartoonists.

Review: Room For Love

Artist(s): Ilya.

When a rent boy and a disillusioned romance writer meet, what do they talk about?

Review: Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast: A Second Bowl of Serial

Artist(s): Greg Fox.

The second collection of the strip set in a gay B&B.

Review: Not My Bag

Artist(s): Sina Grace.

The tale of a young gay guy who perilously entered the world of fashion retail.

Review: The Floundering Time

Artist(s): Katy Weselcouch.

Life and love among queer college students.

Review: Kevin Keller: Welcome to Riverdale

Artist(s): Dan Parent.

The first collection of the ongoing series showcasing the gay boy of Archie’s world.