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Review: Gone to Amerikay

Artist(s): Colleen Doran, Derek McCulloch.

A gay-inclusive graphic novel about Irish immigrants to the USA.

Review: A Queer League

Artist(s): Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill.

Where I take advantage of the publication of a new episode of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s sprawling epic to focus on a very particular aspect of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Review: Gay Genius

Artist(s): Annie Murphy, Clio Reese Sady, Edie Fake, Ellery Russian, Jackie Davis, Leroi Newbold, Matt Runkle, Sarah Sass Biscarra-Dilley.

An anthology of queer, underground artists.

Review: Three #2

Artist(s): Craig Bostick, David Kelly, Jennifer Camper, Jon Macy, Michael Fahy, Sina Shamsavari.

The second issue of Robert Kirby’s anthology, full of unromantic romances.

Review: Fogtown

Artist(s): Andersen Gabrych, Brad Rader.

A crime graphic novel set in the 50s and centered on a closeted detective.

Review: AARGH!

Artist(s): Alan Moore, Bryan Talbot, Jamie Delano, Kevin O'Neill, Mark Vicars, Neil Gaiman, Rick Veitch, Shane Oakley, Steve Bissette.

A 1988 charity anthology against an 80s homophobic British law (and I offer for your viewing pleasure two strips from that anthology).

Review: Teleny and Camille

Artist(s): Jon Macy, Oscar Wilde.

The adaptation of a famous erotic book partly attributed to Oscar Wilde.

Found on the net

A few links and other things found on the net.

Review: Gay Art

Artist(s): Various.

An augmented reprint of a 1972 book on gay art.

Review: The Vesuvius Club

Artist(s): Ian Bass, Mark Gatiss.

A fun secret agent romp with a bisexual main character.