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Review: The Troll King

Artist(s): Kolbeinn Karlsson.

Gay wildmen living in strange woods populate this beautiful book.

Review: Quaintance

Artist(s): George Quaintance.

An impressive monograph on the 40s and 50s gay artist.

Review: Kevin Keller

Artist(s): Dan Parent.

The first openly gay character in the mom-and-apple-pie world of Archie Comics.

Review: The Joe Boy Sketchbook

Artist(s): Joe Phillips.

A collection of sketches by the too rare Joe Phillips.

Review: Gaylord Phoenix

Artist(s): Edie Fake.

The beautiful and shamanistic journey of a gay creature.

Review: Glamazonia

Artist(s): Craig Bostick, Dave Davenport, Ed Luce, Eric Orner, Jon Macy, Justin Hall, Steve MacIsaac.

Justin Hall’s new collection of very fun stories about a superheroine like no other.

Review: Khaos Komix Vol. 1

Artist(s): Tab Kimpton.

The first collection of a webcomic focusing on queer youth.

Review: Captain Stupendous

Artist(s): Chris Jones, Zack Weiner.

A gay-inclusive, pointed satire of superheroes.

Review: So Super Duper #11

Artist(s): Brian Andersen, Celina Hernandez.

The penultimate issue of the series, with a big twist at the end.

Review: Spandex #3

Artist(s): Martin Eden.

Another issue of the all-queer superhero team, as they face an overwhelming threat.