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Review: The Lengths #1, and other comics

Artist(s): Howard Hardiman.

A realistic comic about hustlers, drawn with anthropomorphised animals.

Review: Doubt is reassuring

Artist(s): Abi Higgs.

A cool mini-comic about a questioning young woman.

Review: Urban Buzz #0

Artist(s): Ned Hugar.

A gay beekeeper and his love life in the big city.

Review: Elemental Micah #1-3

Artist(s): Michael Georgiou.

A new series where the (gay) everyman gets superpowers.

Review: Virgin Project 2

Artist(s): K.D. Boze, Stasia Kato.

A second collection of queer-inclusive first time stories.

Review: Burly #1

Artist(s): Jeremy Owen.

A collection of bear-themed illustrations.

Review: Friend of Dorothy #1

Artist(s): Brian Andersen, Neftali Centeno.

A new series playing with the Oz world.

Review: Transposes (preview)

Artist(s): Dylan Edwards.

A preview of the upcoming book about FTM transgender people.

Review: Blonde Squad #1

Artist(s): Michael Troy.

First issue of an all-blond superhero team adventures.

Review: Myth #2

Artist(s): Sean-Z.

The second issue of the erotic fantasy by Sean-Z.