Review: Transposes (preview)

Artist(s): Dylan Edwards.

Adam and his supportive girlfriend meet a straight FTM guy.

Dylan Edwards had already made an impression on me with his various strips and illustrations, including the funny and pointed Politically InQueerect, collected in two comics in 2003 and 2006. But he’s obviously made a breakthrough with Transposes, the new non-fiction book he’s been working on for a while for Beacon PressTransposes will tell the stories of “queer-identified female-to-male transpeople”, as Edwards puts it, and it’s a work-in-progress. Readers will get a good idea what this book will look like with the 20-page preview Edwards has published, which contains a complete chapter of the forthcoming book.

In this comic, we discover a slice of the life of Adam, who goes from living as a lesbian woman to understanding his being transgender and gay. Judging from these pages, Transposes will look very good, with clear, solid layouts and expressive line art that seems to me to focus on the nuances of female and male physiognomy. Adam’s story is told without pathos, but with a lot of empathy.
The full Transposes book is scheduled for 2011, and if you want to follow the author’s progress, you can go to his site, where you can buy a copy of this preview. I’ll certainly keep you informed when the book is published.

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