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Review: Fogtown

Artist(s): Andersen Gabrych, Brad Rader.

A crime graphic novel set in the 50s and centered on a closeted detective.

Completely Stripped

A compilation of the first two Stripped anthologies.

Review: Bike Boy

Artist(s): Oliver Frey/Zack.

A collection of stories by one of the erotic artists I most admire.

Review: Homobody

Artist(s): Rio Safari, Robert Kirby.

A series of queer fanzines.

Review: Three #1

Artist(s): Eric Orner, Joey Alison Sayers, Robert Kirby.

Robert Kirby is back as an editor, with another, all-new, queer comics anthology.

Review: So Super Duper #10

Artist(s): Brian Andersen, Celina Hernandez.

An issue wherein time spent in an hospital is not an excuse for downtime.