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Review: Down to the Bone

Artist(s): Ralf König.

The sequel to The Killer Condom.

Review: Fogtown

Artist(s): Andersen Gabrych, Brad Rader.

A crime graphic novel set in the 50s and centered on a closeted detective.

Review: Black Wade

Artist(s): Andärle, Franze.

Pirates! Gay pirates! What’s more to say?

Review: The Killer Condom

Artist(s): Ralf König.

Ralf König’s very funny murder mystery is back in English.

Review: Get Her!

Artist(s): David Shenton.

A mad and very gay adventure graphic novel.

Review: The Vesuvius Club

Artist(s): Ian Bass, Mark Gatiss.

A fun secret agent romp with a bisexual main character.

Review: Stallion

Artist(s): Studio Kôsen.

An Western yaoi with very good art.

Review: Past Lies

Artist(s): Christina Weir, Christopher Mitten, Nunzio De Filippis.

A gay-inclusive detective story.

Review: Rawhide Kid: Slap Leather

Artist(s): Howard Zimmerman, John Severin.

A fun reworking of an old Western character.

Review: Gotham Central #6-10: Half a Life

Artist(s): Greg Rucka, Michael Lark.

A lesbian cop stars in a Batman-related series.