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Review: Brush and Camera

Artist(s): Douglas Simonson.

A collection of Douglas Simonson’s art, shown alongside the photographs that inspired it.

Review: Gay Erotic Art in Japan Vol. 1-2

Artist(s): Ben Kimura, Sadao Hasegawa.

Two volumes covering gay Japanese illustrators from the 60s up to now.

Review: 12 Days

Artist(s): June Kim.

Love and loss are at the heart of this moving Western manga.

Review: Frater Mine #1-4

Artist(s): Juan Romera, Sean McGrath.

A down-to-earth magic series with a main gay protagonist.

Review: Chelsea Boys: Steppin’ Out

Artist(s): Allan Neuwirth, Glen Hanson.

The second collection of the urban gay strip.

Review: Pride High #1-2

Artist(s): Brian Ponce, Tommy Roddy.

The story of a gay-straight alliance at a school for super-powered teens.

Review: Stallion

Artist(s): Studio Kôsen.

An Western yaoi with very good art.

Review: Hard to Swallow #2

Artist(s): Dave Davenport, Justin Hall, Steve MacIsaac.

Second issue of the comics with pirates and real-life erotic encounters.

Review: The Book of Boy Trouble

Artist(s): Andy Hartzell, Brett Hopkins, Craig Bostick, David Kelly, Jaime Cortez, Justin Hall, Michael Fahy, Robert Kirby, Sina Shamsavari, Steve MacIsaac, Tony Arena.

A collection of the queer comics zines.

Review: Strugglers

Artist(s): Tim Fish.

The revised edition of Tim Fish’s first gay-themed book.