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Review: The Floundering Time

Artist(s): Katy Weselcouch.

Life and love among queer college students.

Review: The Lengths #4-5

Artist(s): Howard Hardiman.

Two more issues of the life of a modern hustler.

Review: Kevin Keller

Artist(s): Dan Parent.

The first openly gay character in the mom-and-apple-pie world of Archie Comics.

Review: A Waste of Time

Artist(s): Rick Worley.

A collection of an autobiographical webcomic. With a rabbit.

Review: The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ And Amal Volume 1

Artist(s): E.K. Weaver.

The first collection of a road trip/budding romance webcomic.

Review: Still Side by Side

Artist(s): Mioki.

The continuation of an erotic/romantic story.

Review: Khaos Komix Vol. 2

Artist(s): Tab Kimpton.

The second collection of the all-queer webcomic.

Review: The World of Gloria Badcock

Artist(s): Maurice Vellekoop.

A delicious helping of erotic stories.

Review: Liberty Annual 2011

Artist(s): Craig Thompson, J.H. Williams III, Judd Winick, Kazim Ali, Matt Wagner.

A Free Speech anthology that focuses on gay issues.

Review: Love Minus Zero and other stories

Artist(s): Abraham Lee, C.J. Franks, J.T. Tepnapa, PK Eiselt.

An anthology from the writer of Junkyard Angels.