Review: Myth #2

Artist(s): Sean-Z.

Sean-Z has published a second collection of his erotic/sci-fi webcomic. While the first issue of Myth had shown us the protagonists of the stories, this issue gets into high gear with the awakening of one of the makers (not that this solves anything!), the kidnapping of one of the boys by the charmingly-named Donjovan Faust, and a proclamation of straightness from yet another character while being ass-fucked by his dildo-armed girlfriend. One can’t reproach Sean-Z for playing it safe.

The author’s larger-than-life art is well-served by the quality paper he uses for his comic. While I also enjoy zines printed on a copier and stapled somewhat haphazardly, I must say it’s a real pleasure to hold in one’s hands this large-sized magazine with its thick cover and in-your-face colors. This is a loud, proud comic, and if you enjoy tales of mysterious threats dipped in flashy sci-fi with a side-dish of rather big, throbbing cocks, this might be the comic you were born to read.

You can buy this comic from the author’s site, where you can read the strip page by page.

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