Review: Bulldogs #2

Artist(s): Chas Hunter, Dale Lazarov, Si Arden.

The second issue of Dale Lazarov and Si Arden’s silent, erotic series Bulldogs leaves the lives of the caber tossers for “hot vicar on vicar action” (that’s actually the title of the comic!). It’s something out of the worst nightmares of homophobic fundies the world over. One point for Lazarov and Arden, then.

Sports are still a starting point in this story set during a Tug of war competition. A team of (burly) vicars meets a team of equally burly firemen (I definitely want to see a spin-off with those firemen), with a bald, white-bearded vicar arriving late. A hand-shaking with a brown-haired colleague foresees more intimate activities between the two men.

Si Arden (with Chas Hunter on the cover) does a really nice job on the art, with cute ideas such as panels drawn in the shape of church windows (though that might be an idea of the writer). The body language is wonderfully developped, with expressive faces and eloquent hands. It’s also nice to see both cut and uncut dicks being drawn—as well as a realistic use of condoms.

There are little things added for the careful readers, such as a lesbian couple in the background at the beginning (a small miracle since women are rarely seen in gay male porn comics), this couple reappearing at the end for the follow-up sequence that shows the subsequent shared life of the two men. This, as is often the case with Lazarov’s comics, makes the story more relatable, and more than the portrayal of an enjoyable romp in the sheets.

Gay vicars are still in the news as I write this review, and I think it’s fun to see a somewhat topical erotic comic. Bulldogs #2 is another good installment in the silent comics universe of Dale Lazarov, and I’ll soon review two more.

This DRM-free, pdf comic can be found on the writer’s website, as can be found digital editions of some of his print comics.

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