The end

Hello, everybody.
You’ve probably noticed that this page, and my website, have been pretty silent for months.
I wanted to make it official: I’ve stopped working on my website and I won’t upload new reviews.
But I’m going to contribute to the site Slings & Arrows, a large compendium of graphic novel reviews. They’re going to use some of my already-written reviews (somewhat rewritten for a general audience) and I’ll write some new ones as time permits. My reviews will be found at
Thanks to all of you who have followed my website during the 14 years it’s been online and thanks to all the great artists and writers I’ve had the pleasure to be in touch with and help promote their works.

6 comments to The end

  • Francois, I wish you the best and will follow your reviews at Slings & Arrows.

  • François Peneaud

    Thanks very much, Joe.

  • Michael H

    M. Peneaud – here’s to the next chapter of your career *clink* Salut! also, Francois, thank you for all the time and effort here. take care, be well and stay safe …

  • Jon

    M. Peneaud: thank you for all your hard work, and for sharing it with us so generously. I hope we’ll continue to see original titles from you as well (I very much enjoyed “Brother to Dragons.”) Bonne chance!

    • François Peneaud

      Thank you, it was fun to do!
      Thanks also regarding Brother to Dragons. I haven’t been able to find an artist to replace the creator of the series, unfortunately. Maybe someday…