Review: T-Gina #1

Artist(s): Gina Kamentsky.

Comics by gay and lesbian authors are numerous nowadays, but transgender cartoonists are unfortunately few and far between, which makes the publication of the first issue of T-Gina a good surprise, all the more so as this collection of online strips is full of penetrating humor and insights into the sometimes taxing process of shedding one’s original gender.

Gina Kamentsky has a very interesting way of combining reality and fantasy, like in the “Little Gina in Slumberland” strip, where a conference on feminization theory leads to gender (and beyond) identity questioning among imaginary characters, or when she pursues a hermit in her quest to become a “real woman”… and ends up with very down-to-earth advice.
Her art is well suited to her writing style. A good blend of cartoony influences with stable realistic faces, it conveys emotion and humor very well.

Gina Kamentsky’s work is a very welcome addition to the already varied palette of queer comics. Her life experience is like nothing else I’ve read about in comics, and her imagination enables her to ask deep questions in a seemingly light and humorous way. More power to her and her pen.

This comic can be bought from the artist.

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