Review: T-Gina #2

Artist(s): Gina Kamentsky.

And here is the second issue of T-Gina, the continuing saga of a transgender woman on her road to physical womanhood. After an excellent first issue,  back for more of her definitely oneiric metaphors. This issue opens with the story of a woman who wants to get rid of her… lemur. Or how to tell an almost disneyfied version of Genital Reassignment Surgery. It’s very funny, and slightly unnerving.

Gina and her inky self

In the rest of the comic, we’ll see Gina (or rather, her two-dimensional version) visit Provincetown - home of many gays & lesbians, but not a lot of trans people… , try her hand at online dating, and exchange her temporal lobe for a uterus…
As she continues to use her imagination to portray her inner world as it coexists with the real world, Gina Kamentsky gives us much to think about by writing and drawing in a straightforward manner, and by her warmth and humor, she makes it easier to identify with for each and every one of us.
Whether we have a lemur or not.

Gina and her inky self

This comic can be bought from the artist.

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