Review: Sticky #3

Artist(s): Dale Lazarov, Steve MacIsaac.

On this third issue of Sticky, the color is orange, which suits the full-length story entitled “Treats” (right, there’s an obvious joke there), where two men meet at an Halloween party. The fun continues for the pirate and the monk when they go home together… and have sex. You hadn’t seen that coming, had you?

As with the first two issues, the story is wordless, and very well paced. The guys are mature, one hairy and one hairless, and both are fairly muscled. The sex is reciprocal, and there’s a wonderful double-page spread where a long toy and two asses are involved.
This third issue of Sticky will unfortunately be the last one, due to low sales. But Dale Lazarov and Steve MacIsaac are trying to find a new publisher to collect the whole mini-series in one book, so maybe we’ll see another incarnation of this entertaining porn comic, this time with a larger potential audience. MacIsaac is also working on a self-published series he’ll do on his own, titled Shirtlifter, for which he received a grant from the fine folks at Prism Comics. Go to his website for more about that project.

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