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Review: Prime Cuts

Artist(s): Howard Stangroom, Stephen Lowther.

A collection of short stories covering a lot of bases.

Review: Tsunami!

Artist(s): Justin Hall.

More true tales from Justin Hall.

Review: Tales from the House of Morecock Vol. 1

Artist(s): Joe Phillips.

Fun, erotic stories with a fantasy bend.

Review: 2020 Visions

Artist(s): James Romberger, Jamie Delano.

A queer-inclusive, dystopian vision of the future.

Review: Roy & Al

Artist(s): Ralf König.

Germany’s most famous gay cartoonist draws dogs. And their gay masters.

Review: Bull’s Balls

Artist(s): Ralf König.

Discover why Ralf König is considered as one of the best (gay) cartoonists in Europe.

Review: Devlin Waugh: Red Tide

Artist(s): Colin MacNeil, John Smith, Steve Yeowell.

A second volume of the adventures of the best-dressed occult investigator.