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Review: Devlin Waugh: Red Tide

Artist(s): Colin MacNeil, John Smith, Steve Yeowell.

A second volume of the adventures of the best-dressed occult investigator.

Review: subGURLZ

Artist(s): Jennifer Camper.

The weird and wonderful story of three unusual lesbians.

Review: Liliane, Bi-Dyke

Artist(s): Leanne Franson.

Autobiographical comics from a Canadian artist.

Review: Max & Lily

Artist(s): Kris Dresen.

Collections of the very funny gay/lesbian friendship strips.

Review: Bread & Wine

Artist(s): Mia Wolff, Samuel Delany.

A love story between a famous writer and a homeless man.

Review: Heartthrobs #1: ‘Genes and a T-shirt’

Artist(s): Phil Jimenez, Robert Rodi.

A short humorous, romance story.

Review: Flinch #7: ‘Parade’

Artist(s): Devin Grayson, Phil Jimenez.

A short, horror story.

Review: Associated Student Bodies

Artist(s): Chris McKinley, Lance Rund.

A refreshing furry mini-series set among students.