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Review: Blue

Artist(s): Kiriko Nananan.

A sad love story between two girls.

Review: Rica `tte Kanji!?

Artist(s): Rica Takashima.

A lesbian romance full of real life.

Review: Devlin Waugh: Swimming in Blood

Artist(s): John Smith, Michael Gaydos, Sean Phillips, Siku.

The adventures of a gay, vampire paranormal investigator. Sounds weird enough for you?

Review: Out/Lines & Lust Unearthed

Artist(s): Various.

Two impressive collection of gay art from before Stonewall.

Review: Sticky #1

Artist(s): Dale Lazarov, Steve MacIsaac.

First issue of a silent gay porn comic.

Review: The Cavalcade of Boys #9

Artist(s): Tim Fish.

The last issue of CoB.

Review: True Adult Fantasy

Artist(s): Brad Rader.

Erotic art about mature men, by a talented mainstream artist.

Review: Kyle’s Bed & Breakfast

Artist(s): Greg Fox.

A collection of the webcomic.

Maurice Vellekoop’s Greek Love prints

Six erotic images inspired by Greek myths.

Review: Max & Sven

Artist(s): Tom Bouden.

The story of the friendship of a gay boy and a straight one.