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Review: Chiaroscuro: the Private Lives of Leonardo da Vinci

Artist(s): Chas Truog, David Rawson, Pat McGreal.

The life and loves of the famous Renaissance figure.

Review: Boy Trouble #1-4

Artist(s): Andy Hartzell, David Kelly, Leanne Franson, Michael Fahy, Robert Kirby.

An anthology spearheaded by the creators of Steven’s Comics and Curbside.

Review: Steven’s Comics

Artist(s): David Kelly.

Charming strips about a gay-in-the-making kid.

Review: Stuck Rubber Baby

Artist(s): Howard Cruse.

Howard Cruse’s masterpiece of gay life and civil rights in the 60s.

Review: Enigma

Artist(s): Duncan Fegredo, Peter Milligan.

What might be one of the best graphic novels I’ve read, and it’s full of queer.