Review: Frater Mine #8

Artist(s): Juan Romera, Sean McGrath.

The 8th issue of Frater Mine gives us another chapter in the mystery surrounding the disappearances of kids around Matt, the magician in a real-world setting. In the previous issue, Matt and his brother Mark, suspected by the police of being involved in the brother’s boy, were kidnapped by a group of unknown powered people. In this new issue,  the group, called The Praxis, professes their good intentions and willingness to find the kids. Matt is not convinced, to say the least, but his magic doesn’t measure up to the combined weight of Praxis.

Matt and Alberto

Writer Sean McGrath continues to write interesting people, powered or otherwise, going beyond the surface quirkiness he gives them (such as the cross-dressing leader of the Praxis) and establishing complex group dynamics. In a few scenes, he sketches them enough to give the reader a good idea of the variety of characters in the by now large cast. One big news in this issue is the introduction of what looks like the people responsible for the mystery, and they seem to play for keeps, which should keep it very interesting for the readers. The other news is the scenes between Matt and Alberto, a member of Praxis, strongly hinting at an attraction between the two men. After all, McGrath has promised to give Matt a love interest, and he’d better deliver.

Artist Juan Romera now has the opportunity to play with a dozen characters in the same issue, and he does is quite well. I was especially impressed by the facial expressions he draws, which, alongside the solid backgrounds, go a long way toward creating a believable world for all those characters.

These comics, as well as the previous ones and a trade paperback of the first story arc, can be bought from Indy Planet.

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