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Review: So Super Duper #12

Artist(s): Brian Andersen, Celina Hernandez.

This is it! The end of Psyche’s story!

Review: Transposes

Artist(s): Dylan Edwards.

A collection of first-person accounts of queer transmen.

Review: The Troll King

Artist(s): Kolbeinn Karlsson.

Gay wildmen living in strange woods populate this beautiful book.

Review: No Straight Lines

Artist(s): Alison Bechdel, Allan Neuwirth, Andy Hartzell, Annie Murphy, Ariel Guzman, Ariel Schrag, BiL Sherman, Craig Bostick, Craig McKenney, David Kelly, David Shenton, David Wojnarowicz, Diane DiMassa, Dylan Edwards, Ed Luce, Edie Fake, Ellen Forney, Eric Orner, Eric Shanower, Fabrice Neaud, François Peneaud, Gina Kamentsky, Glen Hanson, Howard Cruse, Ivan Velez, Jaime Cortez, James Romberger, Jeff Krell, Jennifer Camper, Joan Hilty, Joey Alison Sayers, Jon Macy, Justin Hall, Kris Dresen, Lawrence Schimel, Leanne Franson, Maurice Vellekoop, Michael Fahy, Nazario, Paige Braddock, Ralf König, Rick Worley, Robert Kirby, Robert Triptow, Roger Zanni, Sean, Sina Shamsavari, Steve MacIsaac, Ted Naifeh, Tim Barela, Tim Fish, Tom Bouden, Tristan Crane.

An impressive anthology of 40 years of queer comics.

Review: Junkyard Angels #3

Artist(s): Brian Andersen, PK Eiselt, Zachary Enea.

An unexpected crossover between two gay indie comics.

Review: Zack: The Art

Artist(s): Oliver Frey/Zack.

An overview of Oliver Frey’s work as an illustrator.

Review: Anathema #2

Artist(s): Chris Mooneyham, Rachel Deering.

The lesbian werewolf horror-drama continues.

Review: Reignbow & Dee-Va

Artist(s): Brian Andersen, Celina Hernandez.

A collection of the indie superhero mini-series.

Review: Little Heart

Artist(s): Ed Choy, Jeremy Sorese, Maurice Vellekoop, Sam Sharpe.

An anthology for marriage equality.

Review: She Said

Artist(s): Kris Dresen.

A bittersweet love story.