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Review: 12 Days

Artist(s): June Kim.

Love and loss are at the heart of this moving Western manga.

Review: 2020 Visions

Artist(s): James Romberger, Jamie Delano.

A queer-inclusive, dystopian vision of the future.

A Distant Soil serialized online

A gay-inclusive sci-fi series is now online.

Review: A Distant Soil Volume IV

Artist(s): Colleen Doran.

The latest volume of the gay-inclusive sci-fi saga.

A Jon Macy interview (1 of 2)

Jon Macy talks about his new series Fearful Hunter.

A Jon Macy interview (2 of 2)

Jon Macy talks about his new book Teleny.

A new edition of Stuck Rubber Baby

A new edition of Howard Cruse’s book.

Review: A Nut at the Opera

Artist(s): Maurice Vellekoop.

A collection of opera-inspired art.

Review: A Queer League

Artist(s): Alan Moore, Kevin O'Neill.

Where I take advantage of the publication of a new episode of Alan Moore and Kevin O’Neill’s sprawling epic to focus on a very particular aspect of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

Review: A Sacred Text

Artist(s): Justin Hall.

An unusual tale set in a religious community in the Antiquity.