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Review: Bike Boy Rides Again

Artist(s): Oliver Frey/Zack.

The third collection of hot fun by the creator of Rogue and Bike Boy, with all-new stories.

Review: Black Wade

Artist(s): Andärle, Franze.

Pirates! Gay pirates! What’s more to say?

Review: Blonde Squad #1

Artist(s): Michael Troy.

First issue of an all-blond superhero team adventures.

Review: Bludgeon #0

Artist(s): Jeremy Owen.

The beginning of an intriguing story.

Review: Boy Meets Hero

Artist(s): Chayne Avery, Russell Garcia.

A romance-cum-superhero graphic novel.

Review: Boy Trouble #1-4

Artist(s): Andy Hartzell, David Kelly, Leanne Franson, Michael Fahy, Robert Kirby.

An anthology spearheaded by the creators of Steven’s Comics and Curbside.

Review: Boy Trouble #5

Artist(s): Andy Hartzell, Craig Bostick, David Kelly, Jennifer Camper, Leanne Franson, Michael Fahy, Robert Kirby, Tony Arena.

A professionally-looking issue of the queer comics anthology.

Review: Boys Will Be Boys Extended Edition

Artist(s): Joe Phillips.

More illustrated beefcake from Joe Phillips.

Review: Brainstorm #1

Artist(s): Dennis Calero, Ira Livingston IV, Jeffrey Morris.

A widescreen, sci-fi story with a gay protagonist.

Review: Bread & Wine

Artist(s): Mia Wolff, Samuel Delany.

A love story between a famous writer and a homeless man.