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June 19, 2010: I've launched a new version of this website as a Wordpress blog. This version won't be updated anymore.
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So Super Duper #9



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Entries for January 2010:
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Saturday, January 30, 2010
Review update
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So Super Duper #9

Author(s): Brian Andersen, Celina Hernandez.

coverAnd in the ninth issue of So Super Duper, they did kiss.
Psyche and Comet have had a long courtship (and I'm not even sure it counts as a courtship as much as "stealing glances from time to time"), and a lot of readers have been waiting for a fulfillment of that plot point. And now those same readers will remember to be careful what they wish for: kissing in the midst of a battle with a crazed supervillain can have serious consequences, especially when the villain in question, the former fairy Tink, isn't fond of gay guys. So, yes, we finally get to see Psyche and Comet being cuddly, but we also get a nerve-wracking cliffhanger I won't reveal here, but it made me imagine writer Brian Andersen cackling evilly while writing it.
As for new artist Celina Hernandez, she does a good job, and I must admit I was even pleasantly surprised: what I'd seen of her work so far I'd found a bit stiff, whereas this issue has some nice facial and body gestures. It works well for a story that's a blend of classic superhero and over-the-top ideas.
There's also a nicely drawn back-up by Mike Murphy showing Tink before she went all Dark on us, or more exactly, before she showed her true colors. Those back-ups have become an opportunity to flesh out some characters, and they're a welcome addition to the main course.
All in all, this is another solid issue of So Super Duper.

You can buy this comic from the Indy Planet site or Prism Comics, and the author's site is here (with previews of the issues).

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