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Gun Street Girl
Upcoming: Cavalcade of Boys #6



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Entries for January 2004:
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Sunday, January 18, 2004
Blog review
If you don't see the images of a review, it means that I've transferred it to the new site.

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Gun Street Girl

Category: fantasy, lesbian.
Author(s): Barbara Lien-Cooper, Ryan Howe.

Gun Street Girl is a new webcomic running on the Panel2Panel site, home to various webcomics.
Barbara Lien-Cooper, who writes the strip, has created an interesting context for her heroin: Liz is a 19-year old whose girlfriend dances in a strip club, and who finds herself hired as a bodyguard by Eddie Caution, a magician in need of someone who can use her fists... as well as handle a gun if need be (hence the title).
Liz battling a Japanese monsterThe stories are a mix of realistic settings with magical happenings, with characters development and interaction making up a large part of the atmosphere of the strip. Liz's wonderment when she discovers there is such a thing as magic, or Eddie's apparent machismo give weight to the characters. The art by Ryan Howe also lends itself to the full realisation of the characters. Competent from the first page, it quickly becomes rather strong and shines on the second story (the third one is underway), shown in black & white. The faces are very expressive, and the storytelling sober and effective.
Dead fairytale creatures don't tell no talesThere is also a strong feminist undercurrent throughout the series. Which is not surprising from a writer who's a founder of the excellent all-women comics site Sequential Tart. The stories are not about Liz being a lesbian, although her relationship is very present, but the way she lives her life, as a woman and as a lesbian, is obviously a big part of how she behaves. Let's say that character has a world view that is personal and that she'll defend it... with all her will and temperament.

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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Upcoming: Cavalcade of Boys #6

cover for issue 6With the new year comes the 6th issue of Tim Fish's excellent series The Cavalcade of Boys.
Tim Fish is also selling a second, improved printing of issue 1, as well as three collections of strips from the online daily gay strip Young Bottoms In Love. All of those comics are heartily recommended, and will be reviewed when I get a copy. You can buy them at Tim Fish's site.
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