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A Rivkah interview
Lazarov & Drub in Best Gay Erotica
Hard to Swallow #2
A Steady Beat review



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Entries for December 2006:
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Sunday, December 24, 2006
Various news
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A Rivkah interview

If you feel like learning more about Rivkah, the author of the series Steady Beat, which I reviewed a few weeks ago, go to the Publisher's Weekly site to read this good interview. Among other things, Rivkah says that the series will be four volume long, and that Sarai, the young Lesbian, will come out in volume 3. I look foward to reading how that will be portrayed.

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Sunday, December 17, 2006
Various news
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Lazarov & Drub in Best Gay Erotica

A page by DrubDale Lazarov, writer of Sticky, has announced that he and artist Drub are included in the Best Gay Erotica 2007 anthology, which is available from Amazon. Says Lazarov: "Drub's line work and b/w coloring looks both alt-comix cute and hippie-comix filthy, reminiscent of a sort of cross between Ilya and Robert Crumb that is still very much distinctively Drub."
Lazarov's web page is at, while Drub can be found on his website at

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006
Review update
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Hard to Swallow #2

Author(s): Justin Hall, Dave Davenport, Steve MacIsaac.

Cover by HallJustin Hall and Dave Davenport are back for a second helping of Hard to Swallow, and this time, they brought Steve MacIsaac with them.
The formula is the same as the first issue's: a blend of fantasy and real-life stories, and it works as well as the first time (you can buy the comic here).
Dave Davenport's fantasy storyDave Davenport gives us a tale of Feral, his werewolf, in a long and oddly arousing story--oddly, because it involves a man using his dead boyfriend's finger as a dildo. And a ghost, a werewolf and that man having it off. So, necrophilia, zoophilia... and love. What a fun mix. Davenport's art style, a combination of cartoony and manly, sweaty bodies, gives us men who look real, even though one is a ghost and another a werewolf. Sexy and unexpectedly tender.
And then, Dave Davenport comes back with a cute two-page blowjob story.
Justin Hall gives us two real-life stories, the first one told by a guy who was working in a porn film, trying to cum... and not managing to. I guess it shows porn work can be hard work too.
His second story demonstrates that there is an Internationale of gay men. Or that US gay men can feel welcome at a leather bar in Barcelona. By the bouncer. Who sucks cock quite well. Who knew?
Hall also tells the second part of his pirate story Tales of the Hard Roger, which is as disturbing as the first one, at least for me. But as with Dave Davenport, it's interesting to see Justin Hall telling such different stories in the same comic, and shows the artistic range he's shooting for. With a less cartoony style than his accomplice's, his stories look more grounded, but no less sexy.
Steve MacIsaac's story is a wordless tale of bear sex and bar cruising, full of energy, with a very strong and dead straight (no pun intended) storytelling that I really enjoy.

Hard to Swallow is definitely not a comic for people who like only twinks. The others will find hot men engaged in equally hot activities, drawn in varied art and varied settings.

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Sunday, December 10, 2006

A Steady Beat review

I've added a review of Steady Beat, Rivkah's manga-influenced story of a teenage girl discovering her older sister is a Lesbian. Please add your comments just below.

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