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Upcoming books from Bruno Gmünder (January to June 2008)
Dirty Little Drawings
So Super Duper #3



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Entries for December 2007:
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Saturday, December 22, 2007
Various news
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Upcoming books from Bruno Gmünder (January to June 2008)

Publisher Bruno Gmünder has a fully-loaded plate for the next six months, with six books of interest to us. Here's the list:

coverRASCALS – The erotic fantasies of Todd Yeager
96 pages, duotone, hardcover, February 2008.

A collection of erotic art by a New York artist who was included in the Dirty Little Drawings collection.

coverBOY MEETS HERO, by Chayne Avery & Russell Garcia
120 pages, full color, hardcover, March 2008.

A collection of the fun gay super-hero web-comic.


coverJUST US GUYS, by Michael Broderick
64 pages, full color, hardcover, April 2008.

Another illustrator gets a well-deserved collection of his art. His website is here.


coverSIDE BY SIDE - Journal of small town boy, by Mioki
120 pages, full color, hardcover, April 2008.

Mioki was included in the Stripped anthology, and a lot of people wondered what else he'd done. Well, he's now done a 120-page graphic novel, described by the publisher as "the story of Evan and Rick. Fast and close friends since their kindergarten days in a small town their friendship evolves into the love of their lives. They move to the big city where they meet Billy and Charlie and these four friends are soon inseparable. Mioki presents a moving portrait of gay life with all its highs and lows. Drawn in a sure style and masterfully incisive, Mioki’s comic is a joy to read, is moving and the sex also doesn’t get short shrift. A charming comic for the young and the young-at-heart."
I must say I'm also very happy that Mioki gets a whole book to himself, since his pages in Stripped looked wonderful.

coverMANLY, by Dale Lazarov and Amy Colburn
80 pages, full color, hardcover, May 2008.
You can pre-order it.

After Sticky, Lazarov is back with another wordless collection of erotic tales, and this time, he's brought Amy Colburn with him. I've seen one of the stories, and I found it charming and hot, with very expressive art.

64 pages, full color, hardcover, June 2008.

HvH, who has two comics from Class Comics, is tweaking film history in this collection of illustrations, as can be seen from the cover. This should be fun.

I'm rather impressed by this line-up, and I honestly can't wait for some of these books. Of course, I'll review them when they're available.

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Sunday, December 16, 2007
Blog review
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Dirty Little Drawings

Category: erotica, illustration.
Author(s): Various artists.
Year of publication: 2007.

The latest art collection from publisher Bruno Gmünder is a thick (320 pages) anthology of small drawings (about 7"x7"/15x15 cm) which have been made since 2000 by dozens of artists working at the Queer Men’s Erotic Art Workshop in New York from real-life models, during sessions hosted by the Leslie/Lohman Art Foundation.
I don't know any of those artists (and I'm sorry to say there's no biographical information in the book), but I guess most of them are either gifted amateurs or professionals working in other graphical areas. What's obvious is the variety of styles and and mediums displayed in this book, as you can see in the sample page I'm showing here. Subjects also vary from all-ages portraits to explicitly erotic scenes.
A selection of drawingsLeafing through such a large collection (which is in fact only a small part of the art produced for this workshop) is a wonderful way of savoring the myriad ways of representing the male body through art not constrained by society's restrictions against male/male sexuality. The cumulative effect is also valuable in itself, as it is building a kind of insect's vision, a never complete, multi-faceted view of this particular corner of the world, where men are shown enjoying themselves and each other.
Dirty Little Drawings is a very entertaining book, a celebration of sensuality and the liberating power of art. It is available at Amazon.

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Saturday, December 01, 2007
Review update
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So Super Duper #3

Author(s): Brian Andersen.

coverThe third issue of Brian Andersen's So Super Duper chronicles the end of the super-powered fight begun in the previous issue. Psyche, his adorable but usually helpless and clueless hero, gets kissed by the guy he worships (but it's for a good cause...) and shows off in an unexpected way, saving the day for all his teammates, all the while still being cute and, well, himself.
Andersen has managed to give us a continuous fight as well as some welcome character developments, something I really enjoy. On one hand, Psyche is still not very self-aware regarding his gayness, leading to some rather funny bits; on the other hand, he's exhibiting some strange surges of power, making the reader think that the author has more in store for this character than only a strengthening of his self-awareness. Balancing the closet themes and the super-hero action is not easy, especially since humor is present even in the more dramatic sequences, but it seems to me Andersen juggles all that quite well.
You can buy this comic from the Indy Planet site, and the author's site is here.

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