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"In general, I think chubby guys are sexy. There's more of them to hug!" Andrew French, Circles.
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June 19, 2010: I've launched a new version of this website as a Wordpress blog. This version won't be updated anymore.
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The Desert Peach, online and free
So Super Duper #4



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Entries for April 2008:
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Wednesday, April 16, 2008
Various news
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The Desert Peach, online and free

the first issue coverDonna Barr's The Desert Peach is now becoming a free, webcomic--or kind of.
You can already download the first nine issues on the Wowio site for free, through the online publisher Smashout Comics. The whole series should be available there, all for free, in the coming months.
It's a great opportunity to discover a series which I've often praised for its unique portrayal of a complex, multi-faceted gay character.
Just one caveat, unfortunately: it seems Wowio is linked to a notorious homophobe, Mike Miller, former Alias Comics publisher. Joe Palmer of the Gay League has written an interesting article about that.

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Sunday, April 13, 2008
Review update
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So Super Duper #4

Author(s): Brian Andersen.

coverIn this fourth issue of So Super Duper, romance is the air for Psyche, Brian Andersen's cute and queeny empath. That is, if he survives the wrath of a strangely misguided heroine who thinks he's a villain. Ah, those superheroes. Always fighting each other.
So, muscle-boy Comet, who appeared in previous issues, seems interested in our little closet case, but neither has gone passed the blushing phase. I really like the way Andersen gives us two cute and shy guys beginning to realise their feelings. Psyche has some way to go before he's ready to love another man, but it seems he's making some progress.
The story also progresses nicely, with the repercussions of a teammate's death and Captain Idol's feeling of guilt, and I think the whole series will read quite well if it's published in a collection.
You can buy this comic from the Indy Planet site or Prism Comics, and the author's site is here.

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