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"Well excuse me, but it's gotten a bit too "Judy" in there." Rob Kirby, Curbside.
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An interview with Ezra Claytan Daniels
Circles #4
A new tale by Justin Hall
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A strip by Robert Kirby
Upcoming: Boy Trouble #5



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Entries for November 2003:
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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

An interview with Ezra Claytan Daniels

A panel from The ChangersI've done an interview with the author of The Changers, a very intelligent science-fiction two-volume story. There is no gay element in this story, which is why this interview is not on this site, but at PopImage, where the Young Bottoms in Love anthology is published everyday. If you enjoy sci-fi which challenges you without resorting to lots of gratuitous violence and explosions, The Changers is for you.
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Monday, November 17, 2003
Review update
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Circles #4

Author(s): Andrew French, Steve Domanski, Scott Fabianek.

Fourth issue coverCircles reaches its fourth issue with a Christmas-themed story.
With two of the characters' recent relationship deepening, and two others deciding to make peace after being at daggers drawn with each other for years, the seasonal spirit is indeed of good will and cheer.
The art is also still very good, with varied body language and facial expressions. The only thing not up to par with the rest are the backgrounds, which are really too few for my liking. But it's better to have solid art for the characters and less interesting background art than the other way round.
With each new issue, the characters of Circles become more and more alive, which is surely the sign of good fiction.
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Friday, November 14, 2003

A new tale by Justin Hall

Justin Hall has published a second issue of his excellent collection of true travel stories as told to him by various people, aptly titled True Travel Tales. All the stories are interesting and moving, and I've shortly reviewed 'A Final Goodbye', one of the most moving (and not in a tear-jerker way) short stories I've read.
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Wonder Man in a skimpy outfitI've got another contributor to the gallery: Joe Fludd has sent me a a delightful drawing by John Romita Jr. I've also added two other drawings by Jackson Guice and Dean Ormston from my regular contributor.


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Monday, November 10, 2003
Various news
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A strip by Robert Kirby

Author(s): Robert Kirby.

A Curbside stripRobert Kirby has sent me a strip from his series Curbside that most of you might not have seen, since it has been done for the gay magazine Instinct. The interesting thing is that the magazine has censored a panel showing a guy having oral sex. I've uploaded both the original and the censored versions, thanks to Robert, so that you can judge by yourselves.
I find rather worrying that a gay magazine full of shirtless guys has decided not to show that panel. Sexual liberation seems to be a thing of the past...
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Sunday, November 02, 2003

Upcoming: Boy Trouble #5

Cover for the fourth issueThe fifth issue of Boy Trouble, the gay comic anthology edited by David Kelly and Robert Kirby, will be available in February, first at the APE convention. The contributors include David Kelly, Robert Kirby, Ivan Velez, Jen Camper, GB Jones, Tim Fish, Andy Hartzell, Steve MacIsaac, Leanne Franson, C. Bard Cole, Michael Fahy, Craig Bostick, and Anonymous Boy.
This issue won't be photocopied but professionally printed. Looks like it will be worth the wait.
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